RIT TAGA Students Receive Two Key Honors

At the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) Conference in Memphis, Tennessee, RIT School of Media Sciences (SMS) students earned special recognition awards in two important categories of the student journal competition: one for technical writing and also one for their electronic edition. This year’s student journal competition was especially fierce, with formidable entries from … Continue Reading


Professor Bob Chung Receives Standing “O” at TAGA Conference!

  RIT School of Media Science (SMS) faculty combine with undergraduate and graduate students to continue tradition of leading imaging research at the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) conference in Memphis, TN. Undergraduate students eagerly presented a journal of student research, in both printed and electronic formats. This year’s journal featured a cutting-edge … Continue Reading


RIT Dominates TAGA Research Agenda

At the TAGA conference yesterday, a paper co-authored by RIT Professor Bob Eller was presented by Mark Samworth of Esko, and today RIT Professor Bob Chung presented research that he conducted with Professor Elena Fedorovskaya. Further, Professor Chung is on the docket to cap of the sessions with research that he has completed with the … Continue Reading


RIT Students Rock at TAGA Conference in Memphis, TN

Professor Bruce Myers posting live from the second day of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts conference in Memphis, TN. The RIT student chapter is presenting their printed journal while networking with industry professionals, many of whom are RIT alumni. All of the student journals are very competitive this year, with entries from Clemson, … Continue Reading


Workshop & Lecture – reseARch scienTIST


On Thursday, March 3rd the School of Media Sciences hosted a workshop and lecture with research scientist, Monica Lopez-Gonzalez. Monica, PhD, studies the creative process and how it relates to both art and science. In both sessions, she posed many questions for how the brain uses both the left and right sides to produce creative work. In her talk, she … Continue Reading


Collaborative Authorship in Transmedia Narratives


RIT is known to be a place where engineers, artists, gamers, storytellers, and everyone in-between come together. The beauty in this type of space is the ability for these different perceptions to come together to create innovative and imaginative work. This was a great foundation for the collaborative authorship forum, hosted by Trent Hergenrader. As … Continue Reading